21 Point Inspections

Ensuring the Operation and Life Span of Your Rolldown Shutters



At Gail Force Protection, we believe in taking the proper care and maintenance of our custom-made rolldown shutters.  Rolldown shutters, if not properly maintained, will corrode and fail to function properly over a period of time.  To prevent this from occurring, we offer our "21 Point Inspection." 


The "21 Point Inspection" provides a complete visual inspection, checking parts and components of a shutter to bring it back to its original working condition. 


Our inspection includes:


Checking operability of shutter

Entry guides

Leg/track condition

Leg/track felt

Lubricating legs/track with spray wax

Hanger operation and condition

Safety plates

Axle operation

Lubricating axle with oil/grease

Motor condition and operation

Lubricating motor

Inspect bearing condition

Repack bearings with grease

Inspect universal joint condition

Lubricate universal joint

Box hood condition

Box hood fasteners

Hole plug condition


An inspection is recommended once a year or once every two years (at a minimum). 



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